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Sprachservice.de offers translations, interpreting and tailor-made lessons by graduated language experts.


Of course we can translate any standard text for you, such as personal documents, company memos, project work, studies, reports and specifications. Furthermore, we specialise in the following areas:
  • Engineering, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and shipbuilding
  • Information technology
  • Medicine and medical technology
  • Quality management
  • Humanities
  • Economics
  • Law and associated areas
  • Certificates, documents, extracts from registers, reports and court documents
  • Logistics
  • Renewable Energies ...


Three price categories for the price per standard line (55 characters) exists, up from 0.90 Euros*, depending on level of difficulty and turnaround time. The best thing to do is to send us your text in one of the above data formats. You will then receive a personal and detailed quote as soon as possible.


Over the past ten years, sprachservice.de has worked for numerous small, medium-sized and even large customers. A list of references can be requested from us in writing.

Certified translations

We also provide certified translations for the language combinations we offer. Official certification for other language combinations on request. [INFO]

What is a certified translation? A certified translation is a translation that can be used as an official document. For marriage, birth and naturalisation documents, and for visits abroad, translations are needed that have the character of an official duplicate yet are prepared as a translated document in the target language.

Who can complete certified translations? An officially appointed and sworn translator demonstrates relevant qualification at his or her local District Court and if suitable receives a certificates that empowers him or her to complete certified translations or to be consulted as an interpreter in pertinent legal matters (e.g. court cases, police questioning, contract signings).

How is a translation certified? In practice the translator provides the certified documents with a seal, his or her signature and a declaration that states that the text in the target language is a precise translation of the original text.

Costs of certification Certification of a translated document by one of our certified translators is charged at 10 Euros*.


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*Offer for business clients; plus 19% VAT

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