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Sprachservice.de offers translations, interpreting and tailor-made lessons by graduated language experts.

The new way of language teaching: blended learning - tailor-made and flexible

Long working days, frequent business trips and busy calendars make it difficult to fit that much-needed English lesson into the week as well. Our suggested solution for you is blended learning - a lesson specially tailored to you and your diary, so you can take advantage even of shorter timeslots and short-notice windows that arise. And it is just as flexible as you need it to be. The basic principle: our lesson is constructed in modules - from four elements, the proportions of which in the overall course and their actual time allocation are agreed with you in advance. Yet can always be adapted. The result is a mixture of work tasks that you work on "in between", courses that you attend from your workplace and "private lessons" as often as you can arrange them.

Overview of course modules: one-to-one lesson

Just as you would expect a language course to be - but rather than sit in a class, you enjoy the advantages of a one-to-one lesson that is structured consistently to your needs and adapted to your learning progress. Our teaching rooms are conveniently located in Rostock city centre and lesson times are agreed individually with you.

Online conversation courses

Conversation lessons are indispensible to developing your language and speaking expertise. Only it is usually rather time-consuming and takes place at times of day when many can no longer summon up full concentration. Our alternative is online conversation courses. Our principle: at a prearranged time, your teacher contacts you using an internet telephone service and provides an opportunity for speaking practice in a one-to-one lesson - while you sit comfortably in your office or at home in front of the computer. We can provide you with the necessary technical equipment for this.

E-mail learning

Only a quarter of an hour per day, several times a week or occasionally - whenever you find the time for it. With E-mail Learning you correspond with a teacher who knows you personally and individually. And who motivates you time and again to write in your learning language, who pays particular attention to your weaknesses, who understands which topics are of interest to you and so on ... And above all who is a pleasant conversation partner.


Often it is difficult to plan when you will find another half an hour that you can sensibly use for language learning. In our E-classroom tasks are prepared for you that you can then leave for correction by the teacher when you have completed them. If you need help while completing the tasks, you can receive this promptly and in the usual competent way.

Our teaching staff

Our teaching staff have many years of teaching experience and are well-versed in all the teaching styles we offer. As certified translators and interpreters, they have excellent linguistic training - and enjoy teaching so much themselves that all of our pupils can feel it. Both in the lesson atmosphere and in the results. We would be happy to provide you with a customised quote - for your tailor-made language training.

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