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Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the perfect solution for our customers, enabling the highly effective transfer of information - without interruption or delay. For the interpreter it is the greatest of challenges, which can only be performed with excellent preparation and the highest levels of concentration.

Our office has many years of experience in simultaneous interpretation for different subject areas so we can refer in our preparation to our own glossaries, word lists and research. It is not possible however without your support: in the run up to an interpreting assignment, we require a detailed running order as well as drafts of the presentation, background material etc.

If desired we will also manage the provision of appropriate technology and/or can recommend appropriate collaborative partners.

Consecutive interpretation

For consecutive interpretation, the interpreter sits close to the listeners and interprets the speeches consecutively into the relevant other language. Accordingly, the double speaking time is needed here - which makes this form of interpreting only recommendable for shorter events with a small number of participants, e.g. receptions, press conferences, meetings or shorter presentations.

Whisper interpretation

This form of interpretation is suitable for short events: the interpreter joins the participants in the function room and translates what is said in a whisper to one or two listeners. If he or she is equipped with mobile “whisper equipment”, he or she speaks quietly into a microphone and the translation is relayed to the headsets of the desired number of listeners. The disadvantages compared to simultaneous translation booths are the ambient noises that arise, which many find distracting.

Whisper interpretation is more suitable for short events: the interpreter joins the participants in the function room and translates what is said in a whisper to one or two listeners.

Consultancy for conferences and events

Beyond the interpretation activities described here, we are also available to you with advice and support in the following (foreign) language matters:
  • Provision of the appropriate technology (personal guidance systems, interpreter booths and related infrared transmitters etc.) - we have professional partners who are experts in all technical details
  • Translation of accompanying documents (programmes, invitations, conference documents etc.) - in order that not only the conference day itself but also the preliminaries and follow-ups satisfy international requirements
  • Accompanied presentations, e.g. for event openings, at press conferences or receptions

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